Date(s) Event Attendee(s) Location
Feb 3-4 T4A Story Bellows, Camron Bridgford Boston
Feb 11 2021 Countywide General Plan Update Speaker Series (Montgomery County Planning Department) Gabe Klein Silver Spring, MD
March 4-5 Regional Vision Summit (Madison County Council of Governments) Gabe Klein Anderson, IN
March 8-10 Aspen Institute: Roundtable on Urban Tech Procurement Kate Garman, Kiran Jain Washington D.C.
March 19 General Assembly (South Bay Cities Council of Governments) Ahmed Darrat Redondo Beach, CA
April 2-3 CoMotion Miami Gabe Klein, Ahmed Darrat Miami


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Date(s) Event Attendee(s) Location
Oct 17-18 CMLS 2019 Gabe Klein Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 26 NCSL Jobs Summit Gabe Klein Detroit, MI
Sep 11-13 Smart City Expo Atlanta Story Bellows Atlanta, GA
Sep 9-12 NACTO Designing Cities Gabe Klein, Story Bellows Toronto
Aug 20 Colorado Smart Cities Symposium John Tolva Denver, CO
Jun 19 State of the City Ashley Hand West Hollywood, CA
Jun 18 A to B 2019 Gabe Klein Nova Scotia
Jun 6 Ann Arbor SPARK Mobility Summit John Tolva Ann Arbor, MI
Jun 4-6 ITS America Gabe Klein Washington, DC
May 23 Ford City of Tomorrow Gabe Klein Palm Springs, CA
May 22 CTAA Expo Gabe Klein Palm Springs, CA
May 14-15 Smart Cities NY Story Bellows, Gabe Klein New York, NY
May 7-9 Urbanism Next Story Bellows, Gabe Klein Portland, OR
April 17-18 CityAge Story Bellows Dallas, TX
Apr 9 Aspen Institute/CPI: The Future of Cities Story Bellows Washington, DC
Apr 1-4 Smart Cities Connect John Tolva Denver, CO
Mar 15-16 City of Tomorrow Story Bellows New York, NY
Mar 11 National Bike Summit Gabe Klein Arlington, VA
Feb 28 Smart Cities As Drivers Of The New Digital Era by The European Union Story Bellows New York, NY
Feb 25 Safe Streets Summit Ashley Z Hand Miami, FL
Feb 20 Redesigning Cities Gabe Klein Atlanta, GA
Feb 19 Midtown Atlanta Gabe Klein Atlanta, GA
Feb 12 Globe Drive Mobility Summit Gabe Klein Toronto, Canada
Feb 6 Winter Cycling Congress Gabe Klein Calgary, Canada
Jan 27 VerdeXchange Gabe Klein Los Angeles, CA
Jan 23-25 US Conference of Mayors Story Bellows, Gabe Klein Washington, DC