The Aurora Smart City Playbook and Toolkit was created to guide the City of Aurora, Colorado’s approach to leveraging innovation, technology and data to advance the City’s existing priorities and prepare it to effectively respond to  ongoing change. It aims to build a network of diverse communities strengthened and unified by a City government that thinks and acts in new ways to sustain a high quality of life. Aurora Smart City boldly commits to being cohesive, connected, proactive, accountable and inclusive in order to inform smart, strategic decisions and ensure the community is well-prepared for the future.

Cityfi created the Aurora Smart City Playbook and Toolkit, which is meant to both guide the city’s smart city strategies as well as provide the initial tools necessary to begin implementing the plan’s vision. 

As such, the Playbook is intended to prioritize opportunities for the City to lead in a 21st century digital age; build and generate data from civic infrastructure in a way that unites diverse and dispersed communities; apply data, tools and training to engage with community members in more meaningful ways; and cultivate a citywide mindset and set of practices to support innovation and data-informed decision-making. To develop the vision, goals and strategies of Aurora Smart City, Cityfi conducted extensive staff engagement and capacity building exercises through stakeholder workshops and  working group meetings representative of departments across the City. These engagements garnered critical input that shaped the direction, vision and actions of the Playbook, and also supported buy-in of Aurora Smart City as a citywide priority.

In addition to the Playbook (priorities, strategies and actions), Cityfi developed a toolkit to help the City of Aurora begin to implement its smart city journey. The toolkit includes a list of potential partners; key strategic communication plays; innovative financing recommendations; an inventory of key City assets whose value may be extended; a smart city project prioritization tool; a two-year implementation timeline; and recommendations for a governance model to carry-out the Aurora Smart City strategy and associated projects.

The Aurora Smart City Playbook and Toolkit are now complete. The internal launch for Aurora Smart City took place in February 2020, with an external launch as the next recommended step for implementation.

Ashley Z. Hand, Camron Bridgford and Abby Abel were the project leads.