The Yards Park development in Washington D.C. is a 48-acre mixed-use project spearheaded by Forest City, which is expected to include 3,400 residential units, 1.8 million square feet of office space, and 400,000 square feet of retail and dining options. Yards Park is committed to environmental sustainability, community wellness, social equity and job creation. As technology rapidly changes the way people live, move and interact with the built environment, the challenge is to embrace innovation, while shaping it to meet people’s needs, and financial and sustainability goals.

Cityfi facilitated workshops, formulated strategy, and recommended partnerships as a subcontractor to AECOM, also creating a final report that outlined recommendations regarding future-proofing the DC Yards development from an urban planning, mobility, safety and technology standpoint. Prior to the final report, Cityfi helped identify case studies and emerging trends in urban planning and infrastructure, and assisted in developing baseline benchmarks for the project including identification of base capital and operational costs, land uses and public realm programming, utility and transportation parameters, and new and emerging District regulations and policies regarding green infrastructure. It also supported scenario development, cost estimates, sustainability modeling and schematic development. The final report consisted of strategies to prepare the DC Yards Development to quickly adapt to changing technological, business and economic trends. Its recommendations included potential shared mobility use cases in the development, implementation of travel demand management and parking management programs, smart city and Internet of Things infrastructure, dedicated innovation zones for smart city pilots, and innovative funding sources.