Gabe Klein was invited to facilitate workshops between the Government of Singapore, the Centre for Livable Cities, the Urban Land Institute and local stakeholders to develop a strategy forĀ  a multimodal, autonomous, connected future for a more livable Singapore.A combination of demonstrations, breakouts, and thought leadership will be used to guide the stakeholders towards a self-realized set of goals for quick implementation. The focus was on fostering a paradigm shift.

The set of 10 recommendations the project produced serve as practical advice to Singapore and other cities wishing to embrace a car-lite mobility future; these were designed to be a useful checklist for both what needs to be done to usher in a paradigm shift (i.e. specific strategies and initiatives needed to create people-oriented urban districts and mobility systems), as well as how to get these things done (i.e. the approach and mind-set required to get things done quickly and effectively).