Ashley Hand was the CityFi lead on the collaborative initiative between the City of Columbus Government who had recently been awarded the $50 million USDOT Smart City Challenge and Vulcan Electrification grants, the Columbus Partnership, a key business leadership organization in Columbus that collaborated on the grant proposal and had been working on a acceleration fund to expand the impact of the initiative, and Ohio State University.

CityFi played a variety of roles in the planning, standing up and review of Smart Columbus which would ultimately become a virtual partnership between the triple helix of key partners and supported by the larger set of partners including AEP (the utility), Nationwide and other significant players. CityFi served as advisors to the leads on both the city and Columbus Partnership side, and produced a landscape assessment of the program, recommendations for improvements and standard operating procedures.

CityFi serves as advisors to the program on an ongoing and as needed basis as Smart Columbus continues to mature and grow. Affiliate Greg Lindsay attended and spoke at the 1 year anniversary of the program kickoff in September 2017 that was utilized to initiate a host of private sector partners to Smart Columbus.