Andreas Addison

Richmond, VA

Andreas Addison is one of the leading civic innovators in the country. During his eight-year career as Civic Innovator in the City of Richmond, he pioneered projects with IBM Smarter Cities, Fuse Corps, and Code for America. Andreas implemented the first open data portal in the state of Virginia and co-founded the Code for RVA brigade of coders to utilize this new access to government data. He assisted in developing the Office of Community Wealth Building, the first in the nation focused on building equitable access to opportunity for low-income residents. He is passionate about driving equitable and inclusive outcomes leveraging people, data, and technology. His work focused on economic development, social enterprise, design thinking, civic engagement, and the deployment of civic technology applications.

As a consultant, Andreas has done work with Athens, Greece, Warsaw, Poland, and the E.U. His diverse background generated collaborative projects with the German Marshall Fund, Bertelsmann Foundation, and Leading Cities. His work centered on equitable mobility, building a resilient economy, smart cities, and internet of things. He facilitates and leads human-centered design and design thinking projects, specializing in cross-sector, public-private partnership projects and initiatives. While most of his career has been in the public sector, he has also worked with international, national and local foundations, startups, fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. He also leads customized facilitation for diversity and inclusion in the workplace to identify and address unconscious bias.

Andreas attended Virginia Tech, where he studied Political Science. He earned his MBA from the University of Richmond while working in City Hall. He frequently guest lectures, speaks at conferences, and on panels about innovation, social enterprise, government, and politics. He now serves on City Council in Richmond representing the First District. When not innovating, training or facilitating, Andreas enjoys hiking, biking, and camping, watching soccer, and playing guitar.