Jay Primus

San Francisco, CA

Jay Primus is a recognized expert in parking management and how it can help cities achieve specific goals for mobility, reduced emissions, economic vitality, and happier people.

Jay’s work as an independent consultant has helped cities root transportation management in sound performance measurement and data. His experience has given him the opportunity to both envision and implement bold changes to municipal transportation.

As head of parking management for San Francisco, Jay led the groundbreaking SFpark program. This federally-funded pilot was one of the first smart city projects to effectively use big data to make better decisions, improve operations, manage contracts, and reduce costs. It was also a world-first demonstration of a full suite of smart parking management strategies, using demand-responsive pricing and real-time information to actively manage parking demand. The SFpark team combined unprecedented data collection, management, and analytics with careful attention to how design, marketing, and communications can enhance the user experience. In addition to the SFpark role, Jay led various initiatives related to improving parking management, vehicle sharing, accessible parking, and electric vehicles.

Before SFpark, Jay worked on transportation policy, performance measurement, transit, and transportation demand management at Nelson\Nygaard, a transportation consultancy based in San Francisco. He also worked at the SFMTA on special projects, which included leading the design of San Francisco’s first bus rapid transit project. Jay has also worked as a cartographer, most recently co-designing the city’s official transit map introduced in 2015.