Tammy Meehan Russell

Minneapolis, MN

Tammy is a catalyst for change in the new mobility and smart cities initiatives.  She is a Strategy and Innovation professional operating at the intersection of the future mobility’s dynamic market changes and deploying truly innovative solutions in the global “Smart Corridors”.

She brought 3M into the new future mobility industries by creating the internal and external teams for both the roadway infrastructure and vehicle technology development. Under her leadership, the 3M Connected Roads team developed, tested and demonstrated new technologies like the SmartCode sign and ADAS pavement markings in roadway corridors including test tracks, Michigan I-80 and California 85.  She started and led the 3M Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) sensor team where she created a roadmap of innovative solutions for improving CAV sensors and helping the vehicle technology providers decrease difficult edge cases otherwise not solved with software.  Her CAV team was integral in partnering and executing the Minnesota Autonomous Shuttle testing project for the (Easymile) shuttle project during Super Bowl LII.   she also led the strategic partnerships with more than ten CAV fleet and shuttle companies to provide sensor protection materials for operating the vehicles in inclement weather conditions.

She has led and inspired product development teams in the filing of over 100 patents related to future mobility solutions.  She works with public and private partnerships to build platforms, test and deploy the new and exciting mobility technologies on the roads.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Mathematics and Spanish from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Business Administration/Master of International Business from the University of St. Thomas.  She also serves on the Minnesota Guidestar Board of Directors, with a mission of advancing transportation technology by providing strategic direction, advice, education and a forum for developing innovative partnerships among, public, private, academic and other transportation stakeholders.