The City of West Hollywood desired to embark on the development of an ambitious initiative to holistically weave technology into the fabric of the city – turning bold, progressive ideas into lasting innovations. The West Hollywood Smart City Strategic Plan provides the City a multi-phased roadmap to efficiently incorporate smart technologies into urban infrastructure and leverage that technology to improve citizens’ quality of life, health, safety, and economic prosperity – this is done by focusing on projects that promote Sustainability, Mobility, Accessibility, Resiliency, and Transparency.

CityFi led the multi-disciplinary planning initiative with a preliminary focus on building a “Smart City Hall.” Strategies that build internal capacity, introducing new policy considerations, leveraging data in decision-making, and deploying pilots to test and demonstrate the impact of new technology on community outcomes.

In addition to convening a series of engagement activities, CityFi led a collaborative effort with the City’s Innovation Team to define measurable objectives for the next three-five years. CityFi also facilitated staff training and partnership development to put the plan into its implementation phase and seamlessly hand-over the strategy to city staff.

Ashley Z. Hand was the CityFi lead for this project.