We're in the business of urban change management.

We facilitate and help create positive, sustainable change for people and the economy – fast. We equip leaders with the understanding of new business models and cutting edge solutions, alongside policy frameworks and approaches that cities can use to leverage current and new technology.

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What We Believe

That great business practices and prudent policymaking matched with the appropriate technology can deliver first-rate results and positive outcomes. Technology is a means, not an end.

Effective public-private partnerships are relationships built on clear lines of communication, common goals, aligned incentives and outcomes. A long-term, triple bottom line strategy – people, planet, profit – leads to higher returns and a more sustainable financial future.

What We Do

We help city leaders, citizens and stakeholders to understand the complexity of 21st century challenges, facilitate people-centric solutions, utilize new models for delivery and technology-based tools to deliver triple-bottom line results.

In the process, we help government and companies to separate the techno-optimist hype from the real game changers that are often analog in nature.

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Cityfi in the News

… As the need for socially distanced transportation continues to tick upward as businesses reopen, we need to seize the moment and create a critical mass of active mobility options and the infrastructure needed to support a shift in urban transportation.
We have experienced the freedom of the open road. Let’s not go back to vehicle-dominated cities that don’t fit our human scale. There is a place for cars in our lives — but that place may no longer be in our urban centers.
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Cityfi Webinar Series

Join Cityfi and Verizon for the first webinar in the series — How Remote Health Could Usher In a New Era In Care!

As we are learning to live and work with the complications posed by COVID-19, the healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation and utilizing remote technologies to improve access to care and treatment. The need for telehealth has also created a range of opportunities in non-clinical areas—such as housing, planning, workforce development and communication.

During this Cityfi Webinar Series, sponsored by Verizon and hosted by BlueJeans, we will explore the benefits of telehealth and how equitable application of technology can impact community resilience in the face of COVID-19—and other threats to health and wellness.

Cathy Lester, Verizon
Gabe Klein, Cityfi
Dr. Pierre Vigilance, Population health advisor; former Associate Dean for Practice at the George Washington University, School of Public Health; and former health official in Baltimore, MD and D.C.
Dr. Yolandra Hancock, Board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist

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What We Bring

The knowledge and experience of professionals who have implemented at high levels in government, foundations and the private sector. Our team members have proven track records of success with outside the box solutions that have delivered sustainable and significant, directional change in the way cities work and the way people experience and participate in their communities. Not to mention high return on investment for stakeholder and shareholders.

We foster true partnerships that create value for people, for the environment and for the economy.

We also work with innovative and responsible global and local companies that deliver top flight services AND public good.