The City of West Palm Beach’s downtown is the living room of the region. The Mayor and her team desired to put together a next-generation mobility plan for downtown that was truly multimodal, building upon strong work on walkability and transit accomplished already. Focusing on walk, bike, transit innovation, shared mobility and zoning changes, CityFi along with lead consultants Alta Planning, and partners Sam Schwartz and others, are seeking to address the core issues keeping West Palm Beach from moving mobility to the next level.

The other large component of the plan is the Okeechobee Boulevard Corridor Study. Okeechobee is a multi-lane Boulevard that provides the primary access through West Palm Beach and on to Palm Beach but also bifurcates WPB and creates significant safety issues in the Downtown. CityFi along with the team is striving to create “win-win-wins” that continue to move people through the corridor but give priority also to north-south movement around West Palm Beach. The Downtown Parking Management and Transportation Demand Management Plan also seeks to analyze how city-owned parking lots, decks, and on-street parking space can be used to meet the City’s mobility and economic development goals.

Strategic Planning, Change Management and Outreach Strategy and Mayoral and Consultant Team Communications were all key to CityFi’s role on the project. Taking an integrated approach with the entire consultant and City teams assured that what was being communicated to all parties was consistent.